I believe in books that inspire women to be themselves and trust their own capabilities.

Growing up in a small town only thirty minutes outside of Oslo, I dreamed of the city life but never went. Instead, I worked in a warehouse packing boxes for shipment, sold ads as a telemarketer, worked my way up to become a manager at a clothing store and from there into banking. Although I enjoyed my workplace, I didn’t love what I did. I longed to be creative.

I enrolled in leadership classes, but obviously, that didn’t help. Finally, I quit my job and sold my car (and my beloved motorcycle) to pursue my dream. I dreamed of a life I could control myself.

I wish I could say that I dreamed of writing, it sounds so much more inspiring to me, but it’s not true. A day, week, month and year I could control myself, work whenever wherever and with whomever I chose, that was my dream.

During a vacation I found myself on a beach in Thailand, Koh Tao, reading yet another book about a helpless woman needing a man to save her and it ignited a fire in me.

That day, the first chapter of Amalie was created. (I’ve changed it a lot, so now it’s more of a third chapter, but you get the point. It was the beginning.) Because I believe that women should be portrayed as they are in real life; smart, hard-working and with a depth few stories I’ve read manage to show.

April 6th, 2016, my boyfriend and I packed up our life in Norway and drove a 1968 model Fiat 1100, packed to the brim, from Norway to Portugal to pursue our dreams. All 3277 km (2036 miles).

My biggest lesson from this journey which took me through Portugal, South Africa, into the Philippines and Indonesia was to never underestimate the process of writing a book. But I also know that if I hadn’t, if I’d read up on every trick, every rule to building the perfect plot, character, I would never have begun. So my lesson is to be humble, but not afraid to not know and let curiosity steer my course.

I’ve traveled for almost two years and am back in Norway, where it all began.

This year, I will publish, not only my first book but two.

I keep learning and writing wherever I am.

You currently find me in Oslo, Norway.