Alexandra use Instagram to share her inspiration for her upcoming book; Amalie as well as her random daily life in the 24 hour story.
If you search for the hashtag #amalieaw you will find all the pictures that in a direct way (sometime more indirect) made it into the book.


Facebook sums it all up.

Here you will find a bit of everything, including release dates and information about what's going on with her travels, inspiration and the book. 

I’m in South Africa where they saved the elephants at the #addo national park. Because of poachers, their numbers were dangerously low but they work to bring them back. I woke up today to learn that the president of #usa has legalized bringing #elephants or their body parts shot for sport into #america. Does he understand that this gives #africa even more work trying to keep poachers away? How can people support a president who is making the world a worse place? I don’t understand this. Most people want to help Africa and animals, he’s giving them more struggle by promoting killing. By sharing this image with the hashtag: #bekindtoelephants @theellenshow will donate money to the wildlifefund to help out. So please donate, share and help these amazing animals. I am lost for words about this president and people supporting him. @sanparks #elephant #animal #donaldtrump #makingtheworldaworseplace #lostforwords ... See MoreSee Less

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Cover option... 👍🏻 or 👎🏻? Comment why below! Beta readers are getting back to me tomorrow and I can’t wait to read their feedback to make this book as great as it can be for readers. I am so humbled by all of you who want to read it and can’t really believe that it will soon be out in the world 😃🙌🏻🙈 Soooo excited! ... See MoreSee Less

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Alexandra use a lot of her own experiences in her work.  On twitter she shares thoughts that come to mind in the process of writing and living her life.
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Figured out how to send my drafts to my kindle. Finally a break from staring at my #mac screen for 1,5 years 😃🙌🏻 #kindle

Is #liverpool practicing with a too large goal? 😳 #PremierLeague #jurgen_klopp

Does the reality of safe sex and birth control put a damper on the romance? #sex #books #litterature #author #romance #writing

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