How To / Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Editing for me

I just have to say it. I hate editing. But I love the result. So I know I have to do it.

Why do I hate it? It makes me realize that the work of art I just wrote, is crap and needs… editing to become a work of art again.

To get through the many rounds of editing one, meaning me, has to structure the day/week. I need to make the task seem easy and brief. If not, I postpone it over and over. Before I know it, a week has passed without me doing any of the things I was actually supposed to do. Edit my book.

What you need:

1 Pen

1 Notebook

1 Realistic mindset

What you do:

1. Calculate

  1. I look at my schedule. When do I have to be finished editing. If that’s in 15 days, then I’ll plan for 15 days.
  2. Are there any days I cannot work in the next 15 days? Yes there are 6 days. So I plan for those. 15 – 6 = 9 days to edit. My book is 369 pages (today). 369 pages / 9 days = 41 pages a day.
  3. Will I edit 41 pages in one sit down? NO.
  4. 41 pages / 3 sit downs = 13,66 = 14 pages on every sit down.
  5. The first sit-down, I time how long it takes me to edit 14 pages. I then take that into consideration for my next days of planning.

2: Plan your week:

Plan every day; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yes, Sunday as well.

Remember to be realistic with you goals. It’s better to set you goals too low and be happy with your effort, than too high and never get anything done because it’s too much to even get you started.

I normally divide every page in my notebook into 4 sections: 4 days on one side, 3 days on the other and one box left for “extra”.

Extra is for the things you come across during the week that you want to do (or should do). Don’t do it when you think about it, but write in the extra box so that, when you have the extra time, that’s when you do it. As a reward of some kind.

Editing Schedule

3: Adjust as you go

No. I do not follow every day as I planned it, but I try. And when I do, I give myself a smiley face on that day. (A frown on the days I didn’t).

The important thing is to not lose your motivation. If you need to edit 41 pages one day and you only get through 5 (which happens.. don’t judge..) It’s fine. Add those pages to your remaining days or in the extra box and do it when you have time or find yourself in the zone of amazing drive for editing. (Believe it or not, it does happen, even with me.)

Why do I need a notebook?

Why not just plan my week in iCal?

Your eyes need a break from a screen. And on a notebook you can take your planning out in the sun 😉 (Something we writers often get too little of…)

Share your editing tricks in the comment section below!

If you want some extra help with your editing, I recommend the writers hip podcasts. You find more information on them here:

Yes, I am writing this when I should be editing…